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The Product

SBT Couplers are a parallel threaded mechanical splicing system for reinforcing bars diameter 12 to 40 mm and are designed to provide full tensile strength. They are manufactured in compliance with BS 8110, ACI 318, DIN 1045, UBC 1997 and other international standards.

SBT Pressed coupler, splicing system is designed to connect two bars firmly with each other whenever the overlap length is not sufficient and threading is not possible.


Full Tension splice and provides 100% load transmission.

Solves bar congestion and allow better flow of concrete.

Provides continuity of reinforcing bars.

Reduces steel wastage and no overlapping.

No reduction of the bar cross section area.

Manufactured under strict quality, full tracebility of material and production batch.

Easy installation and shortens construction cycle time.

Possible to splice rebar to different diameters by using reducing couplers.

Application areas





Core Walls




Future Expansions