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(1)Horizon Operation
First, put proper height wooden block under the rebar going to be connect. Mark the reinforcing bar with half of the couplers length. Below Dzrawing :
Mark the test line which is longer 15mm-20mm than the press line. If the press line can see after the connection, it is qualified.
(2) Put the press coupler on to the rebar, the coupler end is according with the rebar press line. Put the white line of the rebar coupler faced above which is easy to check. Below Drawing :
(3) Put the moving die back and the press wrench is open, put the press wrench onto the press coupler, put the press coupler into the wrench, and make sure the press die is according with the pressing line on the coupler. Below Drawing :
(4) Press Order Pressing from the middle of the coupler, but the first pressing line from the middle should be pressed at last. First press the second line, and then third. After these lines are all been pressed, then the first middle line. Then take out of the wrench. Below Drawing :
(5) Another rebar connection, put the rebar end into the one side pressed coupler, and connection is as the above order.