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SBT Threaded Coupler

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The Product

SBT Couplers are a parallel threaded mechanical splicing system for reinforcing bars diameter12 to 40 mm and are designed to provide full tensile strength. They are manufactured in compliance with BS 8110, ACI 318, DIN 1045, UBC 1997 and other international standards.

Splicing Method


The end of the reinforcing bar is sawn cut.

Cold Forging

The sawn cut end of the reinforcing bar is enlarged by cold forging process, thus increase its core diameter.


Standard metric threads are then cut onto the enlarged end and cover by plastic caps to protect the thread of rebar.


Finally splice the rebar by using SBT Threaded couplers.

Approximate Dimensions of SBT Threaded Couplers

Product Code Bar Dia.(mm) Outer Dia.(mm) Length(mm) Thread Size(mm)
SBTTC0012 12 20 28 M 14X2.0
SBTTC0014 14 24 32 M 16X2.0
SBTTC0016 16 26 40 M 20X2.5
SBTTC0018 18 34 44 M 22X2.5
SBTTC0020 20 32 48 M 24X3.0
SBTTC0022 22 36 54 M 27X3.0
SBTTC0025 25 40 60 M 30X3.5
SBTTC0028 28 46 66 M 33X3.5
SBTTC0032 32 50 72 M 36X4.0
SBTTC0034 34 56 78 M 39X4.0
SBTTC0036 36 58 84 M 42X4.0
SBTTC0040 40 62 90 M 45X4.5